Typical Tile Issues You Can Face

Different solutions to tile issues can vary from minimal to extremely difficult. However, regardless of what the solutions are, there are warning indicators that you need to pay attention to before the damage will become permanent. Here are some of the most typical tile issues you can experience eventually: 

Lifting or popping up tiles 

Because of the changes in humidity or temperature, your tiles can pop up or lift. These could result in the expansion or contraction of the adhesive agents utilized to set the tiles. If you can observe this in your tiles, consult the experts right away.  


Sometimes, residues can settle and set onto your tiles. Other residues could be an indicator of leaks or water damage, while residues could also become a result of excessively using hard water. Regardless, such unappealing residues can be repaired by utilizing cleaning agents and scrubbing. However, prevention is still the key. To do this, guarantee that you always keep your tiles properly dried.   

Loose tiles  

When the tile gets disconnected from whatever it’s installed to it can be one of the major reasons while tiles eventually get loose. To resolve a loose tile, it would be best to have the tile reset with an adhesive agent and ensure that some tiles are firmly set in place. Commonly, loosened tiles occur in groups since this is due to the concrete’s expansion. Ensure that the other tiles are in tip-top shape and firmly attached. If this is the case, then you’re good to go.  

Stains and discoloration 

Tiles seep in water, according to what material they are created from. Other tiles get unappealing and even change colors once they penetrate an excessive amount of water, making discoloration a potential indication of water leaks. Some sources of stains and discolorations may involve exposure to other incompatible chemical agents or weathering. So, you need to guarantee that your cleaning solution won’t cause your tile to be discolored.  


Tile cracks potentially come from several sources and direct physical impact is one of the most apparent ones. However, this isn’t always the case. Moreover, you’ve got to guarantee not to put too damaging or heavy items on top of the tile since these can result in damage when left there for a long time. Moreover, cracks can take place once the tiles are exposed to too much heat or they get extremely dry.  

Mildew and mold 

These substances can typically be observed in the spaces between tiles. Usually, these are indicators of humidity or water leaks. When you observe a massive number of mildew and mold on your tiles, you don’t have to be too worried about these since they are quite simple to clean. You can just look for a commercially available bathroom or kitchen cleaner and use it to remove them. Although, other instances would need the expert house cleaners Lancaster’s help. After all, ultimately removing mildew and mold must resolve this problem straight at the source. Simply cleaning them away won’t solve the issue all the time. 


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