Things to Know About Solar Panel System Maintenance

Are you having problems with your solar panel system? This might be because of grid problems, broken inverter, incorrect wiring, or faulty panels. It can be hard to figure out the cause of a faulty solar panel system. Because of this, it is vital to hire a professional Austin solar panel company to examine your system. 

Here are several things that they can offer: 

Diagnostic and Symptoms 

The first thing that a solar panel technician will do is to gather a lot of information about your system. This includes any problems you’ve encountered before, how frequently you service the system, who installed the system, and when was the system installed. This will help the technician to figure out the reason of the problem and provide the right solution. Here are a couple of popular solar panel system problems: 

  • The Inverter Does Not Work in Summer 

The reason for this is likely because of the hot temperature of the panel. You can fix this by installing extra panels or spraying them with cold water.  

  • One Panel Has Malfunctioned by Going into Open Circuit 

The reason for this is probably a failure of a diode. This might have caused the inverter to operate at a tiny percentage of its ability.  

  • The Export to the Grid is Dropping because of a Burned Out Isolator 

The reason for this is probably because of a poorly polarized, tightened, or terminated cable.  

  • You See That the Inverter is Attempting to Restart During the Day 

The reason for this is probably because of a faulty meter, you set your property’s grid voltage too high, or you set the tolerance parameter of the grid too low. 

Tests and Assessments 

After diagnosing the potential issue of your solar panel system, a professional technician will check the whole system and ensure it is still in excellent shape. They will also ensure that they’re well-maintained and functional. They will examine your isolators for polarity, tightening, and wiring termination. They will also check the cables, panels, and inverter.  

Preventive Treatment  

  • Cleaning the Solar Panels 

A lot of experts suggest regularly cleaning the solar panels. This will help keep them in excellent shape. However, you always have to keep in mind that a regular shower every 6 months is enough to get rid of the transient soiling. In addition to that, it’s more than enough to have a soiling process once every 1 to 2 years.  

  • Optimizing Power Consumption 

A professional solar panel technician can offer help on how to properly utilize the system for you to reach your environmental and financial goals. For instance, you will utilize more energy of what you produce from your solar system if you utilize energy-intensive appliances in the daytime. This will lower the energy need from the grid at peak rates.  

Curative Treatment 

A professional solar panel technician can help fix any issues in your solar panel system. They can resolve minor or major issues and should offer you an onsite quote. This will help you save a lot of money.  

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