What Women Need from Their Partners

It’s not rocket science. Women need quite a few things from their partners. Men do have needs, but women tend to have more. Whether you have chemistry together or your stars aligned when you both met, when you enter into a relationship, certain things must be met. And women tend to need more from men but will value each and every effort all the way, whether big or small. Here are some things women need from their men.

1. Integrity

Integrity starts with respect. If any of the party loses it, then the relationship built or being built won’t last long. Along with respect, good and open communication should be practiced. This will help better the relationship. Honesty and trust should not, in no circumstances, be absent. Isn’t easier if you’re just being honest and not lie and try to memorize something or make something up? A lot of relationships ended because of dishonesty and mistrust. Being responsible is also crucial. Both parties should be mature enough to accept their faults and make amends for it.

2. Sensitivity

Because women are sensitive creatures. It doesn’t mean they’re emotional. Well, some are. But sensitivity means they easily feel things. Patience, kindness, empathy, and understanding. Women tend to need these things often. The same goes with emotional and moral support. This is one of the principal jobs of a partner. This can include being available when they need you, listening to them intently when they are talking, being there when they need you, getting food when they’re hungry, etc. Emotional maturity is also vital. The couple should act like mature beings. When an argument is unavoidable, never make a decision out of anger. Relax and get some air, drink water, go for a walk, talk to a friend, or just simply stay quiet for a moment. Words spoken out of anger can become the worst speech you’ll ever regret giving. The same goes for a happy soul. Never make things final just because you feel happy.

3. Intimacy

Intimacy can mean your whole relationship, the “I love you’s”, and intimacy in bed, are all part of the general intimacy. There will be times that both parties will only need companionship at the moment, and there are times that physical intimacy is needed. Professing your love for your partner should be accompanied by actions. Women need physical intimacy as men do. But most women don’t want it to be all about sex. And they don’t always owe it to their partners. On the other hand, pleasing each other on the bed is essential. And it shouldn’t all be one-way. It should be something that both parties should enjoy. It shouldn’t be a burden or a chore to anybody. And women should feel just as much as men do. And men shouldn’t forget that.

Any relationship will need work and effort from both parties and shouldn’t stop halfway. If you think you need to know more about intimacy, coach Lexi can help you.

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