5 Problems that Could Lead to Pest Infestation

Pest infestation started from small problems that you did not notice right away. Small gaps and openings in the windows or doors could be points of entrance. The leftover foods you left at the table or the unsecured pantry could also be one of the problems. If you want to identify the cause of pest problems in your house, just check out the following. If the situation is already worse, just contact Austin pest exterminator 

Pest Infestation

Gaps in the Crawl Space 

If there are gaps in the crawl space, it would become a big problem. This is because the rodents will be able to access the crawl space. They can damage the wiring, insulation and plastic vapor barrier. The rodents will constantly chew what they see, and will damage the wirings with their urine and feces. You cannot eventually notice this, unless you always go and check your crawl space. Once the rodents make their way to your living space, you’re screwed.  

If you don’t know how to access your crawl space, you can hire a contractor to check it out. If the rodents did damages to the foundation vent screens, it should be replaced or repaired right away.  

Branches that Touch Your Roof or Siding 

Have you ever wonders how rodents, squirrels and ants make their way through your homes? They travel through the branches that touch your roof or siding, instead of using the main entrance. The branches serve as highways for rodents and ants. If the branches are readily available, they can always gain access to your house. If you grow shrubs very near your house, the moisture is held in the siding, which then invites more pests. You can fix this problem by cutting back the vegetation. Consult an arborist.  

Soil Graded Toward the House 

Another problem that could lead to pest infestation is the mulch or soil that’s graded toward your property. This is a cause of infestation because the water that flows against the siding can flood your crawl space and will lead to decay. You know what happens when this happens; the moisture will invite more pests and will eat through the woods and other utility lines. To avoid this from happening, the mulch should be graded away from the property so the water won’t accumulate in that area.  

Firewood Items Stored Near the House 

If you store firewood near your house, you should stop doing it. This could lead to serious pest infestation. Pests like carpenter ants love to around the firewood, and they will travel into the wall near where the firewood is stored. This would lead to ants walking around your living space, which could be really annoying. You can avoid this problem by stacking the firewood away from the house, better to build a den where you can store such items.  

Disconnected Downspouts 

If your house has disconnected downspouts, the rain water might drain under the house instead of away from it. The water would seep deep down the soil, which creates more moisture. We all know that moisture will lead invite pests, and might lead to infestation.